My brother's family and my family shared this wonderful home for a one week vacation. We were in heaven from the minute we got there. The house itself is great with nice bedrooms, bathrooms and Family Room. The backyard is paradise. There's a small island giving some privacy to the yard and it makes for a perfect little "lagoon" that our kids fooled around in for hours on end. We weren't expecting that lagoon and it really was a special thing for us. Our 5 kids ranged from 11 to 16 years old. All of the water toys at the house (kayaks, tubes, water shoes, flippers) were highly used and very valuable to us. The full size washer/dryer also was highly used and wonderful to have. We also loved the gas grill with covered seating area. We often floated from the house to the ramp about 1-1/2 hours down and either left a car there for a drive back or had a non-floating adult pick us up. Worked out very well. For most of the vacation we were devising how and when we can get ourselves back! Very relaxing and beloved vacation!

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